Product Description

Superior quality and reliable execution, Yamaha generators are today considered as the best generators in the market. These generators offer awesome force while staying lightweight. They are little, conservative and fill the need expected with abnormal state of execution. Yamaha generators accompany high performing Yamaha motors. They give most extreme yield under any given circumstance. They are solid, adaptable and dependable. Support of these motors at kept at absolute minimum, on account of their history and fine designing.

Yamaha Generators are your answer to your power need. Small or big, Yamaha has the solution for you!

Yamaha Gensets


The EF1000 is the most popular Yamaha generator – and no wonder.. It’s extremely quiet and offers 120V AC and 12V DC

Yamaha Gensets


The Yamaha EF2400is generator is perfect for anyone on the go. Its compact size is perfect for camping or events.

Yamaha Gensets


Fitted with automatic low oil level cut-out to prevent abusive use, Alternator is brushless and maintenance free, Ignition system is maintenance free

Yamaha Gensets


The voltage more stable, using the latest technology damper windings, the magnetic field to correct the distortion, reducing the generation of clutter.

Yamaha Gensets


Brushless alternator , Condenser voltage regulator , Auto decompressor, Non-fused circuit breaker system, Oil level warning system, Noise level suppressor.

Yamaha Gensets


The Yamaha EF6600E is capable of running most homes in an emergency situation. The EF6600E has compact exterior dimensions and produces

Yamaha Gensets


This generator provides reliable power for use by maintenance crews, road construction and people working in any remote location.

Yamaha Gensets


Semi silent stand-by three & single phase diesel generator. This generator enables you to continue trading, keeping your staff motivated and your customers satisfied.