It’s time for you to exchange & upgrade to Yamaha Fuel Injection Technology. The Wheels Pvt. Ltd has commenced an exchange offer where you can exchange your old two-wheeler and ride home on any of Yamaha’s fuel-injected two-wheeler.

We are also offering an additional value of Rs. 15,000 on top of the market valuation of your existing two-wheeler regardless of its brand or condition, Yamaha has also given a lucrative finance deal of 0% interest or a 10% downpayment option.

Carburetor छोडौं, FI चढौं |कुनै पनि Brand को Bike वा Scooter को बजार प्रचलित मुल्यांकन भन्दा थप Rs.15,000/- GuaranteedDASHAIN TIHAR OFFER CASH DISCOUNT 8000Incredible finance starts with 0% interest or 10% downpayment CONTACT US01-6618088,9801266213,9801188318The Wheels Pvt LtdSallagari Bhaktapur

Yamaha exchage offer. Ride FI - This Dashain Tihar